Living a namaste life means being compassionate and respectful every day. If we always try to interact with others with an attitude
that shows that we honor and appreciate them, we will automatically be treating them with kindness.


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The namaste gesture (or Anjali Mudra) is the act of joining the palms of the hands in front of the heart and gently bowing the head. It is a humble greeting, straight from the heart. Namasté also has a deeper meaning, one that is rooted in spirituality. Closing the eyes and bowing the head symbolizes the submission of the mind to the divinity of the heart to look into our inner spirit.

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Light is a way of connecting with everything that surrounds us. It is not a religious idea, but rather a way of understanding life. It is a way to transcend our own ego and values so that you can open up and show compassion and empathy with others in all aspects of life.

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